Customized by Size & Stage

Dogs differ - along with their health needs as they grow. So, we tailored each of our 9 multivitamin supplement chews by size and stage.

Designed by Vets - Pup Approved

Because we want premium nutrition for your pup. We carefully-select each ingredient based on recommendations from our Veterinary Advisory Board.

Multifunctional Formulas

There's more to life than sit and stay. So, our multivitamins support hip, joint, digestive, immunity, allergy and skin & coat health - all in one easy serving.

Organic Whole Ingredients

Dogs don't fake it. Neither do we. Our supplements are made with premium and certified-organic whole ingredients. No synthetic colors or flavors.

Multifunctional Multivitamins

For the punctilious pooch with a polished palate. We use premium and certified-organic whole ingredients for immunity, hip, joint, digestive, allergy, skin & coat health - all in 1 easy serving.






made with love

We want to make the world a better place for all animals - furry, feathered, shelled, scaled, slimy, or otherwise. So, we’re a proud supporter of the Humane Society of the United States and make a donation for every product sold.
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