That’s why we created a custom multifunctional health supplement to support the canine companions in our lives.

Health Supplements For Dogs, Are You Sure?

( Absolutely! Think about it, we did. )

Customized by Size & Stage

Because just like humans, every dog is different. So, our SmartyPaws multifunctional health supplements are customized by size and stage.

Designed by Vets

Our formulas were created by some of the top minds in veterinary medicine (our Veterinary Advisory Board) to help your dog live a happy and healthy life.

Multifunctional Supplements

From belly rubs to endless games of fetch, SmartyPaws support hip, joint, gut, immune, skin allergy and urinary tract health - all in 1 easy serving.

A supplement perfect for your pup

  • Multifunctional Health Support
  • Customized for size and stage
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Designed by Vets
  • Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free
  • No Synthetic Colors or Flavors